Clever Products for Parents of Multiples

Clever Products for Parents of Multiples

Parents of multiples face practical challenges, as I (Inga) know through experience. Therefore it’s always good to invest in helpful products that help to lighten the daily load. That’s why I’ve put together some of the best products I’ve come across- some used by our family and some discovered after the fact and that I wish I’d discovered when my twins were babies.


A really great investment is a hammock for twins, in which two babies can be rocked to sleep. They don’t even need to be separated- they lie together as they did in the womb and can hear, smell and touch each other, which has a calming effect. The gentle rocking motion, which simulates the experience in the womb is also calming and helps develop baby’s sense of balance.

There are several models for parents to choose from. We had a similar model to the Eco-Federwiege from Kindeklein.

resized__tweelingwieg-kindekeklein_wThis has a stable body with a removable separation and two coconut mattresses with a pure sheep’s wool overlay and a cotton cover for healthy sleep. The hammock can either be hung on the ceiling with a hook or can be used with a special frame. It is practical as it can be hung in any room you want.

Nonomo is very popular with parents of single babies and now they are offering a twin hammock.

Nonomo Zwillingswiege

This model is more similar to a standard hammock, allowing for the recommended ‘round back’, which is good for baby’s spine. Ecological materials are also used in production, including cotton and sheep’s wool. What’s great about this model, is that it can be split into two individual hammocks so can be used for a fairly long time.

In terms of price, both models cost around 270€. If you don’t want to buy, Nonomo offers a rental service. For exact details, visit the homepage of nomono.


Sleeping Whilst Travelling

Travel cots are practical whilst travelling. We took two single cots with us, each weighing 10kg but there are now actually twin travel cots. The one from Jané, available for example at Twinstore24 is super.



The travel cot has lockable wheels on the bottom and once the babies are a little bigger, they can crawl in and out through a window on the side, which can be opened. The cot also comes with a detachable play center. Definitely a clever product that I wish I’d known about before.

Babywearing With Multiples

Many parents of multiples also want to wear their babies. Also for these parents there is a choice between a wrap or a carrier. There are various brands available, just as there are various ways to carry the babies. Whether one child on the front and one on the back or one on each side, there are many possibilities! For those parents who feel confident tying a wrap, I would recommend still speaking to a baby wearing consultant, who can show you different tying techniques and can explain what you need to consider when carrying two children.

Meanwhile there are also baby carriers for twins. One model, which is unfortunately currently only available in America is the Twingaroo Baby Carrier.

Twingaroo Baby Carrier

This allows one to carry both children- one front and one back and has all the advantages of a baby carrier. Parents can put the babies in the carrier alone and secure them via adjustable straps. The back position also includes a bag in which nappies and food etc. can be transported and there are two integrated bottle holders that are easily accessible. I find this a practical alternative to a wrap. If you would like to see a video on how the carrier works, visit our American colleagues at Twin Love Concierge.

Innovative Items

Anyone who doesn’t want to push a double stroller around or is sometimes out and about with one child at a time will be glad of this clever idea: Instead of a twin buggy, you can use a buggy adaptor to connect two single buggies. Here’s an example, available from zwillingsburg.


Parents of twins or triplets can connect two or three buggies with one another, depending on the situation. If only one buggy is needed, the adaptor can be removed easily and instead of a cumbersome twin buggy, you can use a single buggy. Someone was definitely thinking ahead there!

Baby swimming lessons with twins is unfortunately not so easy without an additional person. However, with the Duo Twin Pool Float available from stuff4multiples, you can get around that.


For those who can read German, I recommend the equipment guide for twins and triplets from Annette Wulf and Gisela Otto for more tips on clever products that make daily life with multiples a little easier.

Here you will find information regarding stroller/pram models, breastfeeding pillows, carrying, beds, highchairs and much more. If you order via our page, we receive a few cents.

Ausstattungsratgeber für Zwillinge und Drillinge

If you have any more products that you’d recommend, do send them our way! 

Some of our recommended products you can find here. We will get some Cents if you order using our links. Lorna, Ulrike and Inga

  1. Danke für die Tipps! Eine Freundin von mir hat gerade Zwillinge bekommen und ich werde ihr den Artikel gleich weiterleiten. Vorallem der Link für die Twingaroo wird sie sicher interessieren. Eine Wiege kann ich nur empfehlen. Habe zwar nur ein Kind, aber die Vorteile sind sicher die gleichen: Ein ruhigerer Schlaf für Mutter und Kind 🙂 Die ersten paar Monate hat meine Kleine manchmal jede Nacht mehrmals geschrieen bis ich eine Wiege gekauft habe (von Durch das Schwingen und Wippen war sie einfach ruhiger und schlief auch untertags gern darin. Kann ich also nur weiterempfehlen!
    Liebe Grüße, Miriam

  2. Great products. I have both the Twingaroo twin carrier and the Duo float and they have both been lifesavers!

  3. Für mich als Zwillingsmama, die beide Babies gleichzeitig stillt, ist ein Stillkissen speziell für Zwillinge unerlässlich! Mit den ,,normalen” Stillkissen hätte ich es nicht geschafft! Hier gibt es mehrere Anbieter, auch babywalz.

  4. The idea was so lovely and so beautiful, I think it can be used both as a place to sleep for the baby or the décor in the space of the house. Thanks for the introduction of a wonderful idea

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