Essential Oils During Pregnancy – Guestblog

Essential Oils During Pregnancy – Guestblog

Can pregnant women use essential oils? We talked to Libby Schmidt, Independent Wellness Advocate about which oils are safe to use and she has given us the secret to some of her favourite blends.

“Many moms-to-be, including me when I was pregnant with my two boys, find essential oils to be helpful with nausea, back pain, swelling and stretch marks, as well as with many of the uncomfortable changes that occur in a pregnant woman’s body. Some essential oils are perfectly safe to use during pregnancy—you just need to be healthy and careful about how you use them. You will also want to use the highest quality oils.

Among the oils that are safe to use during a healthy pregnancy are lavender, citrus, spearmint, frankincense, geranium, camomile, cypress, bergamot, peppermint, black pepper, eucalyptus and ylang ylang. Be sure to take precautions. I use a less-is-better approach and often try to introduce one oil at a time (when possible) so I am able to monitor reactions. In addition, always—repeat always—dilute the oil before any application. There are many carrier oils used for dilution—coconut oil, argan oil and many proprietary blends are available on the market. In addition, mothers-to-be who are extremely sensitive may want to wait to start using oils until their second trimester.

What can essential oils be used for?

Morning Sickness

In addition to nibbling on crackers when I felt a wave of nausea coming on, I would inhale Lemon, Peppermint or Ginger. An oil diffuser can be used at home. When I was on the go, I would place a drop of oil or my own morning sickness blend in my palms, rub them together and breathe in. Oil drops can be placed on a piece of cloth, tissue or even your pillowcase and inhaled to provide relief.

Stretch Marks

Anytime I wanted to pamper myself, I tried to work this blend into my busy schedule. This stretch mark blend made me feel like I was taking a little spa break. 10 drops Cypress, 5 drops Geranium, 10 drops citrus Bliss, 10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Wild Orange, 6 oz coconut oil. Mix the ingredients in a glass spray bottle and apply daily. It’s designed to help prevent and lighten existing stretch marks.

Pregnancy Swelling

In addition to my beautiful swelling belly, I had some not-so-beautiful swelling that I found some relief from with the following recipe: 3 drops ginger. 2 drops cypress. 2 drops lavender. Combine oils with 2 teaspoons carrier oil and massage into legs and feet.

Eliminating Chemical Exposure

Even before my pregnancies, I was making many of my own household cleaners with vinegar and baking soda. After I became pregnant, I was determined to eliminate exposure to chemicals in household cleaners, detergents and personal hygiene products where ever and whenever I could. You can also diffuse On Guard to keep your home purified and clean.

Oils That Are Not Recommended

Some oils are not recommended for pregnancy because of possible effects on mother or baby. You should avoid nutmeg, basil, rosemary, juniper berry, rose, jasmine and clary sage. In addition, don’t use laurel, angelica, aniseed, citronella, cumin, thyme and cinnamon leaf, which can all stimulate contractions.

Some moms-to-be should avoid all essential oils. This includes those who have a history of miscarriage, epilepsy, heart problems, diabetes, blood clotting problems, diseases of the thyroid, liver or kidney, or have experienced vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. And it is always a good idea to discuss ay treatment, including essential oils, with your midwife.”

Thanks, Libby for this valuable input! If you have any questions, or want to know more about recipes or use of essential oils, you can reach Libby at or visit her website

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