How midwifes support us and how we can support them!

How midwifes support us and how we can support them!

Midwives are indispensable when it comes to birth and antenatal and postnatal care. Midwives are the only professionals who are allowed to support you from a medicinal point of view, either in addition to or completely independently of your gynecologist.

Both public and private health insurances are obliged to cover most midwife services, e.g.

♦ Antenatal care

♦ Monitoring of high-risk pregnancies

♦ Assistance with pregnancy-related illnesses

♦ Birth preparation

♦ Attending the birth

♦ Postnatal care within the first 10 days

♦ Babycare and advice regarding nutrition for baby

♦ Breastfeeding advice

Depending on insurance:

♦ Homeopathy

♦ Acupuncture


Unfortunately, due to the current situation in which midwives find themselves, it’s becoming more and more difficult to meet your requirements when it comes to midwives, since many are being forced to leave the profession. The reason for this is a sharp increase in insurance premiums, as well as no choice at all of liability insurance, which means that this vital profession is dying out.

This is why it’s very important to look into your options regarding where you’d like to give birth as early in your pregnancy as possible – preferably in the first trimester, so that you can figure out what you need your choice of midwife to do (ante and postnatal care, attend the birth in a hospital, attend the birth in your home…) and thus have a chance to actually choose a midwife.

In a large city like Berlin, the following timeframes are recommended for looking for the right midwife:

  • Home birth: from 7-8th week of pregnancy
  • Birthing house: from 12th week
  • Hospital without attending midwife (Beleghebamme): from 16th week
  • Hospital with midwife-led birthing unit: from 12th week
  • Hospital with attending midwife (Beleghebamme): from 7-8th week

You can also protest against current developments…

In response to the lack of political decisions regarding the plight of Germany’s midwives, parent protest group „Familien fordern Hebammen“(Families demand midwives) has been founded in Jena /Weimar. This group is looking for women:

  • Who haven’t found a midwife
  • Have a legal costs insurance
  • Are prepared to sue

If you are interested in taking part in the class action lawsuit, you can find the form and a flyer here:

(If you need any help translating the form into English, contact

Let’s save our midwives!

And maintain the right for all parents-to-be to choose a midwife and to be cared for by a midwife in the firth place!


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