Our Quality Standards

We would like to share with you how we ensure our commitment to the highest quality standards in our work with our partners and especially for our customers.

  1. maternita is not tied to  any companies or brands and will therefore always act as a neutral and independent consultant and facilitator.
  2. To provide our clients with the best possible service we are constantly trying to improve our services to the highest standards possible:
  3. Co-Founder Inga Sarrazin is a certified quality manager. This means all quality assurance and performance enhancing will be implemented directly by the leadership team with high priority.
Zertifikat Qualitätsmanager_Sarrazin_geb_Wiemann

The maternita team has voluntarily implemented quality-building measures which we have put together for your information:

Our recommendations:

• All of our recommendations are vendors and partners proofed by our team

• Regular exchange with industry experts (eg, midwives, doctors, training providers, etc. . )

• Continuous research of new developments, research results, vendors, etc.

• Regular participation in courses by our team (for expectant parents and parents with a child) in order to recommend appropriate and high-quality course and understand current trends
Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Fragen

Our Clients/Customers :

• The basis of a pleasant and trustful cooperation is our discretion. Of course we handle your worries, fears and private data with strict confidentiality and will only give them in consultation with you and on explicit request from you to third parties.

• We use detailed checklists, to identify the client’s individual wishes and ideas

• All topics/issues and agreements are documented by us, so you will always have the option to read everything discussed and decided

• After the completion of our services, we include customer surveys results to enhance our future work

• We also incorporate experiences with providers, midwives, gynaecologists, etc. resulting in a comprehensive profile, which we use for our future customers

Why choose maternita?

  • High-quality, low-stress, time-saving solutions for parents and parents-to-be
  • Access to a wide network of local, English-speaking experts
  • Assistance, support and help, even in the most unusual of situations
  • Discounts and special conditions through cooperation partners

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