recommended – Online support from midwifes – call a midwife

recommended – Online support from midwifes – call a midwife

A midwife is an indespensible part of birth and pre and postnatal care. For women who are due to give birth, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a midwife to take care of them. You can read more about the reasons for this in our blogpost here: ” How midwifes support us and how we can support them!” (We wrote this in April 2015 and the situation has unfortunately not improved).

If an expectant mother has specific requirements from a midwife, for example a that she speaks a particular foreign language, then this can make the search for a midwife more difficult even if the pregnant woman starts looking as soon as she is aware of the pregnancy!

The fact is that more and more women don’t manage to find a midwife with capacity and still questions, worries and fears arise, along with the question of who can support these women and families.

A new answer to this question is the digital advice portal Call a midwife, created by midwives.

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Four midwives answer questions in German, English, Russian and Turkish (more to come) online or by phone on topics such as:

  • pregnancy,
  • birth preparation,
  • family and partnership,
  • birth,
  • breastfeeding,
  • baby and baby care,
  • the postpartum period

They are available 365 days a year and offer different packages, depending on the complexity of the questions asked. For example, one call costs 39 Euro for a 30 minute consultation with a midwife of your choice.

We think this is a great service and have asked one of the founders  Sabine Kroh from Berlin a few questions:

When did Call a Midwife start and how did you come up with the idea?

Call a midwife was founded in March 2016. Over the past year there have been many requests from women who live in Berlin and asked for help and advice for friends from their home countries where they often do not find midwives support. and so that’s how i began to advise women via skype and it was really surprising, how well it works on a screen.

Who are your customers? Are fathers contacting you as well?

Our ladies come from all over the world, mainly from Europe and of course there have been inquiries from Daddys aswell.

Which particular part of your service offering is particularly in demand and why do you think this is the case? 

The aftercare and breastfeeding is one of the most requested topics, as there is frequently no midwife care after birth and if there only for a very short time. There are many websites, blogs and apps helping with these issues, but a face to face conversation with an expert is the better and shorter way.

Can I choose the midwife who I speak with and would one to one, in person care be possible? 

At the moment we offer support in 4 languages on our website, so every Lady can choose a midwife speaking her mother tongue or prefered language.we are an online portal and want to reach Ladies outside of Germany, and that is how a 1: 1 support is possible via our video chats .

Are the costs of the service remunerated by the health insurance?

The payment options are  different in every country in regards to different health insurance systems. It is up to the Lady to check her individual contract. Women from Germany get no paid the support.

How have your colleagues reacted to the Call a midwife service?

Many midwives are fond of our idea and find our website appealing. Of course there are also critical voices, as there will always be some when things are changing and new or different solutions are introduced.

You offer an ‘Urgent Call’ option. What does this mean? Can you also be contacted in emergencies? 

The Urgent Call is included in our package which means that the Ladies have the option to call in an urgent matter after a skypechat. our portal is not intended for cases of emergency!

Thinking ahead to 5 years’ time- what does Call a midwife look like in the future? 

In 5 years, call a midwife will be a global portal in many languages working with international midwives. We also want to offer cooperations with doctors, physiotherapists and others.There will be short films, a blog, online courses, live chats and yes, there are many ways to go and we have a lot of ideas and dreams.If call a midwife grows, we will also aim to work for charity . we will collect money from our chats in order to support Ladies who can’t afford our service.

Thanks a lot for this great idea and the interview! We wish you all the best.

Here you can find the official press release

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