Support when choosing where to give birth

Choosing the right place to give birth for you is one of the most important decisions for a good start to your new life as a parent.

Berlin offers a variety of options and therefore opens up a lot of questions for parents-to-be:

  • What do I need to consider when choosing where to give birth?timeline21
  • What sort of care is available there?
  • Would I like to give birth naturally or would I prefer a cesarean section?
  • Would I prefer medical pain management or the use of alternative methods such as homeopathy etc?
  • What do I need in order to feel safe and secure?
  • Is an intimate atmosphere important or not?
  • Where do I feel well taken care of?
  • Where can I relax most?
  • Do I have an uncomplicated pregnancy?
  • Do I have a high-risk pregnancy? (Multiples, diabetes, breech, gestosis)?

According to the answers to these and other questions, there are different possibilities regarding delivery: At home in your familiar environment, at a birthing house or in one of the many local hospitals.

How can we help?

According to your individual wishes and requirements, we cover

♦ which options are available in your locality

pros and cons of the options that appeal to you the most

information / possibilities in terms of home birth midwives, freelance midwives, attending midwives (Beleghebammen), doulas and / or birth photographers


♦ we give you detailed information and checklists regarding choosing the right place to give birth for you

if you wish, we accompany you to visit birthing centers or hospitals

make appointments with the above for you

support you with your preparation

and more

We are happy to support you with this and any other questions.

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Why choose maternita?

  • High-quality, low-stress, time-saving solutions for parents and parents-to-be
  • Access to a wide network of local, English-speaking experts
  • Assistance, support and help, even in the most unusual of situations
  • Discounts and special conditions through cooperation partners

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