We have new addition the the maternita family: Elodie Roux

We have new addition the the maternita family: Elodie Roux

Dear Elodie, can you tell us a bit more about yourself: do you have a family? Where do you come from?


I live in Prenzlauer Berg with my husband and our two kids (2 and 7). We moved here from the UK 10 years ago. I studied and worked there for 6 years, but I originally come from France.


What are your passions and what’s important to you?


I prefer spending time with my family and friends above all else. Our family has a little allotment where we can grow our own vegetables and where we installed a huge trampoline for the kids. In the winter we like doing little DYI projects at home or invite friends over for dinner. I also love organising our family life. Sustainable living is very important to me so that means trying to reduce waste, planning menus, finding organic alternatives to products and consume as little as possible. It is very time-consuming but it brings us so much in return, especially the minimalist way of life. Otherwise I love to cook and bake, something I like to share with my children now.


How did you come to maternita?


I got made redundant when returning from maternity leave and I didn’t have a clue what to do next. I always had this idea of helping new mums after birth, something I missed terribly myself. I had no idea how though. That’s when I met with Lorna, a friend of a friend and now colleague at maternita. Lorna explained about the job as a Maternity Concierge and Baby Planner and offered for me to come on board. After meeting the co-founders Inga and Ulrike, it became clear that’s what I wanted to do. The mix of organisational challenges and helping families really is my thing. I love the tasks at hand and it’s so much fun to help out the families.


What’s awaiting us in the coming months?


In the next few months I will be collaborating more and more on the blog, so expect a few more articles on the topics of zero waste and minimalism. I’m working on my French-speaking network in Berlin, so we can even better serve our French clients in the future. Otherwise I will extend my field of work by training as a post-partum doula from February. Post-partum doulas are here to mother new mums and offer emotional support, fresh-cooked meals and massages in the comfort of their home. This type of support is very important to me and we will be able to help our clients way beyond the birth.


What do your clients need the most?


The families I work with mostly need explaining how the German system around pregnancy and birth works. For example, some don’t know they are entitled to a midwife or that your appointed gynaecologist is not the person who will be delivering your baby. My clients also need help with bureaucracy, as many find it difficult to hand in everything correctly and on time, even if they speak the language. If they don’t correctly fill in their parental leave benefits application, it can have some dramatic financial impact. And we want to avoid that. We want to accompany the families through the entire “Project Baby” and take their worries away.


What was your biggest help during your pregnancy and what would you recommend for mums and dads to be?


For me it was our midwife who provided the most support. She explained us a lot about the whole process as I was pregnant with our first child, I couldn’t speak German back then and we had no friends with children. But we were lucky to find her at all. I learned about the possibility of having a midwife well into the pregnancy and had to spend hours calling around to find one. We were also lucky that she spent so much time with us and gave us so much information. Nevertheless, had I known then that there were doulas, post-partum doulas and lactation consultants, my pregnancy and my birth would have been for sure very different.


In this sense it’s difficult to replace people with books and blogs. That’s why I would recommend for parents to be to get all the help they can afford. Whatever their language skills. Pregnancy and birth are something humanity may have been doing for thousands of years, but no one said you had to do it alone.




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