(English) Elterngeld: The Basics

(English) Elterngeld: The Basics

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

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  1. Hello,
    I am a Canadian expat living in Frankfurt. I am pregnant and i would like to understand how to apply in writting to the Elterngeld. Should I just send my request via email….any supporting documents? What exactly should be writted in that email?
    Kindly advise. Thank you

    • Hi Denise,

      Thanks for reaching out. Your local Elterngeldstelle (part of the town’s Jugendamt) has application forms to download, as well as the list of supporting documents to send. Unfortunately, the request cannot be done by email but by post, and the forms and documents are all in German, and unavailable in English.

      We offer the service for a fee to support you in enquiring for Elterngeld and filling in the forms, as well as preparing the supporting documents. If you would like a quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email:

      All the best

  2. Hello, I have a baby and receiving the 12 month Elterngeld. My questions:
    1) To confirm, if I took a job less than 30 hours a month I can still receive the elterngeld money?
    2) If I were pregnant again within the period and was unable to return to work, would I be able to apply directly again for the next child with results based on my previous salary? (e.g. have another 12 months following the first 12 months) OR would the elterngeld stop after 12 months with me receiving nothing after that period?

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment.
      1) Yes but the Elterngeld amount will be reduced accordingly (because you will be earning a salary and Elterngeld is an earning replacement)
      2) The Elterngeld for the second child will be based on your earnings 12 months prior to the birth of the second child (if employed) or based on the financial year prior to the birth of the second child (if self-employed). As Elterngeld does not count as “earnings”, if you have not had any income apart from the Elterngeld during the calculation period for your second child, then the calculation basis will be 0€ and you will receive the minimum Elterngeld of 300€.

  3. Hi Roux,

    I am an Indian citizen and studing Masters in Germany in Stuttgart. I am pregnant now and I would like to know if i am eligible for Elterngeld or Kindergeld.


    • Hi Safnaz,
      It depends on your residency permit, some do not allow to claim Elterngeld. Kindergeld on the other hand should be fine (depending on some circumstances like at least one parent living in Germany, and not claiming child benefit anywhere etc).
      As with every situation, difficult to say without knowing exactly your circumstances. We offer skype consultations for clients outside of Berlin, maybe you could benefit from one to clarify these questions for sure?
      All the best

  4. Hi,

    I’m considering taking one month of Elternzeit directly after the birth of my baby, and then another month later during the first year. Is it possible to claim Elterngeld for these two months? Or do the two months have to be consecutive in order to claim Elterngeld?


  5. Hello

    My wife and I are employed in India, but in Germany on an expatriate posting for nearly 4 years now. We have just been blessed with twins, and my wife is currently on maternity leave.

    Under extant Indian laws, she continues to receive the component of her salary that she would have received had she been in India, but does nit receive the expat benefits at the moment. Can she apply for Elterngeld?

    • Hi and congratulations!
      Depending on your wife’s residence permit, she can apply for Elterngeld. However, the amount of Elterngeld will be reduced according to what she keeps earning. And the Elterngeld amount will be calculated based on the income earned within the 12 months before the baby’s birth – and only the income taxable in Germany counts. In most cases, your wife could apply for 600€ (as you have twins) per month for 12 months. If you need further help with your application, just send us an email:

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