(English) Lorna’s Weekly Review: Baby Sensory

(English) Lorna’s Weekly Review: Baby Sensory

There are many classes and courses available in English for you and your baby in Berlin. Our intrepid babymummy, blogger and maternity concierge, Lorna has tried some of them out and will be writing a review every week just for you. This week…..

Baby Sensory in English

‘Sensory’ appears to have become a buzzword in recent times. The Baby Sensory programme, founded by Dr Lin Day (PhD Dip. Ed. BSc. PGCE. M. Phil) supports the early development of babies through exposure to sensory experiences and is now being run in Berlin by Audrey Williams. According to Dr Day, “Scientific research increasingly supports the view that rich sensory experiences from birth can build important neural connections that develop future intelligence.”

Of course, Lewis is already the cleverest baby on the planet but a little help never did any harm so we decided to give it a whirl.

The activities provided in the structured Baby Sensory class are aimed to engage visually, aurally and through touch, as well as enhancing physical contact between parent and child and promoting speech development through use of sign language, music, song and puppets.

Classes take place at Studio Motion on Schönhauser Allee, which is a nice big, light space. After a friendly welcome from Audrey, we positioned ourselves on special mats, in a circle with the babies lying on their backs, looking at us. As with most classes, there was a ‘greeting song’. The difference was, the song was not only sung but also signed. It was surprisingly easy to learn and Lewis watched my every move.

The class was split into three blocks- 20 minutes of songs and activities, then 20 minutes of ‘exploratory play’ on a multisensory play area, put together by Audrey, followed by another 20 minutes of songs and activities. I particularly enjoyed the singing in English and the range of different objects used to promote the sensory experience. The class for me felt little like PEKiP so if you were wanting to have the ‘PEKiP Experience’, without having to speak fluent German, Audrey’s Baby Sensory classes are a good option.

For more information about the Baby Sensory classes at Studio Motion, contact Audrey at

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