(English) Lorna’s Weekly Review: Holistic Yoga Berlin (with Baby)

There are many classes and courses available in English for you and your baby in Berlin. Our intrepid babymummy, blogger and maternity concierge, Lorna has tried some of them out and will be writing a review every week just for you. This week…. Yoga with baby

Everyone tells me I should do yoga: My midwife, my osteopath, people who do yoga (which seems to be everyone these days) and Ewelina. Of course Ewelina says I should do yoga- she is a yoga teacher! Eventually I succumbed to this conspiracy of the yogis and joined a mum and baby yoga class. The ‘with baby’ bit is very important to me, because even at 8 months old, I still don’t feel that Lewis is ready to be left with someone other than me. I was curious to see how that would turn out, considering the fact that I rarely got to do more than half of my Rückbildung class! Lucky for me there was Ewelina to entertain the babies whilst class participants concentrated on pure relaxation. My fitness and flexibility levels are a source of embarrassment for me. However, nobody laughed, not even the graceful Ewelina. Her hands-on approach meant that even as a beginner, I felt confident that my positioning was just right and her pushing down on my lower back during a stretch made me want to get up and spontaneously hug her, so divine was the relief of my baby-carrying back pain!

The class ended with a delicious home-made smoothie and a contented Lewis and I made our way home for a nice, long nap.

More information about yoga classes in English going on in Berlin, contact Lorna.
For more information about Ewelina’s Holistic Yoga Berlin, visit her website here: or her Facebook page:

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